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Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: wstęp

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego zmieniają się co roku więc nie można zawczasu przygotować sobie do nich odpowiedzi. Ale Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej podaje zakres tematów, który obowiązuje na egzaminie dojrzałości. Oto przedstawiamy 100 przykładowych odpowiedzi na pytania, które mogą pojawić się na maturze ustnej z języka angielskiego.

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: człowiek

What is your name?

My name is Adam but everyone calls me Adi – it’s my nickname. My last name is Smith.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing video games and doing sports. Every Saturday I play basketball with some friends. I also like cooking. My biggest success was making a two-tier cake for my mother’s birthday. I really like trying out new recipes. Perhaps one day, I’ll become a professional baker!

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

I think I’m more of an optimist. When something bad happens, I always see the bright side of things. I’m the kind of person that sees the glass as half full rather than half empty.

When do you feel most stressed?

I feel most stressed when I have to pass an exam, like right now. I think this is one of the most stressful situations in my life.

Matura z angielskiego - ucz się z ELLA

Is it important for you to look good?

I don’t care too much about how I look. I have my own style and I wear clothes that I want to wear. I don’t follow the latest trends. Of course, I take care of myself. I make sure my clothes are always clean and I go to the dentist regularly. When you’re healthy, you always look good no matter what you wear.

What is your best friend like?

My best friend is the best person in the world. She’s very kind and helpful. She’s a star athlete and loves reading and learning new things. I would like to be more like my best friend.

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: przyjaciel

Dowiedz się jak opisać swojego przyjaciela z wpisu opis przyjaciela po angielsku.

Would you like to be famous?

I don’t think I would. I believe being famous can be very stressful. You have always look your best because you never know when the paparazzi will show up.

What makes you happy?

A lot of things make me happy. I like eating good food and meeting with my friends. I love to travel and see new places. Even little things, like having dessert after a meal can make me very happy. I’m just a very positive person.

What makes you angry?

I try not to get angry too often but some things drive me mad! Leaving the toilet seat up makes me very mad. I also get angry when people don’t listen to me. I think it’s a sign of disrespect.

What sort of people annoy you?

I don’t like people who are disrespectful and rude. I think you should always show other people respect even when you don’t agree with them.

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: dom

Where do you live?

I live in an apartment with my parents in the Mokotów district.

What’s your favorite room in your house?

In my house, my favorite room is the kitchen – if you can call it a room. It’s where my whole family gathers in the morning to eat breakfast.

Would you prefer to live in the city or the countryside?

I would prefer to live in the city. I don’t like the countryside – I’m not an outdoorsy person. I like going to restaurants, bars, and clubs. That’s something that you can’t do in the countryside.

Do you like your home?

I love my house. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I am going to miss it when I move out.

What is more important for you: to have a garden or a balcony?

I think having a garden is much better! You can plant flowers and have a barbecue with your friends. I don’t think you are allowed to have barbecues on the balcony.

What do you like about the place where you live?

I like the place where I live because everything is close by. There is a small bakery on the corner where I buy bread in the morning. There is a small market nearby, where I buy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to go swimming, the local school has a very nice pool. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

What household chores do you usually do at home?

At home, I usually clean my room and the bathroom. I share a bathroom with my little sister but because I’m older, I have to clean it. I also clean up after myself in the kitchen and I have to take the trash out once a week.

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Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: szkoła

What is your favorite subject? Why?

My favorite subject in school is Math. I like counting and discovering new ways to solve mathematical equations. In the future, I’d like to become a software engineer. I think you need to know math really well to do that!

What do you like about your school?

I don’t like anything about my school. I think it’s too small and the students can be very mean. Maybe it’s because teenagers are like that, but still, I don’t enjoy coming to this school much.

What language would you like to learn the most?

I would like to learn Chinese the most. Do you know that over 1.2 billion people speak Chinese? That’s almost 20% of the world’s population. I don’t know if I’d like Chinese as a language, but I definitely want to speak one of the most popular languages in the world! I already speak English so it’s time for something new.

How much time do you spend on learning English?

I try to learn English every day. I think being systematic is very important. If I don’t feel like reading, I watch TV series without the Polish subtitles. It really helps to improve my listening skills. I noticed that I understand more and more every day.

Nauka języka angielskiego

Dowiedz się jak skutecznie nauczyć się języka angielskiego z wpisu 10 wskazówek jak uczyć się angielskiego.

Are you for or against school uniforms?

I think every school should have a school uniform. When everyone wears the same thing, nobody can make fun of you. A lot of students like to show off their expensive clothes. If we had uniforms that would stop.

What do you do to relax before tests and exams?

Exams are indeed very stressful! The day before an exam I draw a bubble bath and just relax in the tub. I also make sure not to study the day before an exam.

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pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: praca

How would you like to earn your living in the future?

I don’t know who I want to be in the future, but I do know that I want to earn a lot of money. I want to be rich and have luxury cars and go on exotic vacations.

What would your ideal boss be like?

My ideal boss would let me do whatever I like. I would be able to start work at 10 in the morning – not at 8 like everyone else. My ideal boss would give me as many vacation days as I needed.

Would you like to have your own company? Why or why not?

I would not like to have my own company. Having your own company is a very serious responsibility. You have to always think about others and make sure your employees are happy. You also have to save money for rainy days. You are constantly stressed. I would like to have a happy, peaceful life and that’s why I would not like to have my own company.

Are you going to work during this summer vacation?

I’ve worked the past two summers and I loved it but this year I’ve decided to go on a 2-month vacation to Greece. Perhaps I’ll find something to do there, but I’m not planning on working the whole summer.

What would you like to do in the future?

In the future, I would like to be a doctor. I enjoy helping people and I think I would be a very good doctor. I like biology and chemistry and those are the two most important subjects in medical school.

Pytania o pracę na maturze ustnej z angielskiego

Obawiasz się pytań o pracę, bo nigdy jeszcze nie pracowałeś/aś? Poznaj podstawowe słownictwo związane z pracą z wpisu zawody po angielsku.

What does the typical day of a teacher look like?

I think teachers do the same thing every day. They wake up in the morning and go to work – like everyone else. Then they teach classes and in the evenings they prepare for the next day. Sometimes they have to check homework or exams. To be honest, I have no idea what a teacher’s day looks like.

What would you do if you had a lot of money?

If I had a lot of money I would buy myself a very expensive car. I’ve always wanted to have a Lamborghini. I would also like to have my own plane so that I can travel wherever I like, whenever I like.

Would you like to work abroad?

I would love to work abroad – especially in the United States. I’ve been to the United States once and I really loved it! The people were so nice! I would like to go there for a year and try to work somewhere, maybe even in a restaurant. I think it would also be a good way to improve my English skills.

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time, I like to read books and go out with my friends. My friends and I usually meet to ride our bikes or see a movie. We don’t like to go to parties. Sometimes we talk about the books we read – it’s almost like a book club.

Do you enjoy spending time with your family?

Yes, I love my family very much. I have two brothers and a sister and we all like spending time together. We have a lot of fun! We play board games or watch movies. My parents say we’re inseparable. My oldest brother is moving to Cracow this summer. I’m going to miss him very much.

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: rodzina

Poznaj angielskie nazwy członków rodziny z artykułu rodzina po angielsku.

What do you do in the evenings?

In the evenings I like to draw myself a bubble bath and lie in it reading books! Sometimes I light some candles to make my bath even more enjoyable.

Do you make friends easily?

Yes, I think I make friends very easily. I’m a very outgoing and open person. People like talking to me and they trust me very quickly. I think it’s also because I smile a lot. It makes me look more approachable and friendly.

Could you describe your family?

I have a very small family. I am an only child. My mom is tall and blonde. She is very kind and beautiful. My dad is even taller! He has dark hair and a scar across his forehead. He got that in a car accident over 10 years ago.

What do you enjoy about being a young person?

Everything! I love the fact that I am free to do whatever I want. I don’t have any responsibilities apart from school. If I want to, I can play video games all weekend. I don’t think you can do that once you have a job and a family.

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: żywienie

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza. I could eat pizza every single day. My favorite type of pizza is pepperoni pizza – a classic among pizzas. Sometimes I even make my own pizza, but the one from restaurants that have a wood-burning oven is a lot better. Home ovens reach a maximum temperature of 250OC whereas wood-burning oven can be as hot at 500 degrees.

What do you like eating?

I like eating healthy food. I know that’s not a typical answer for a teenager. My friends probably like pizza and beer. I like to take care of myself and make my own food. I don’t eat any processed foods. I make everything that I eat and I make sure that the ingredients are fresh.

Do you like going to restaurants? Why?

I love going out to eat! I like to try new dishes and different cuisines. Last week, I went to an Indian restaurant and the food was absolutely amazing. I had mutton with jasmine rice and something white to drink. I think it’s called a lassi? I don’t know much about Indian cuisine yet, but I’m going to learn!

Do you always have breakfast?

I almost never have breakfast. I’m always in a hurry in the morning and I don’t have time for breakfast. Sometimes I grab a banana on my way out of the house. I’d like to change that. I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Śniadanie w Stanach Zjednoczonych

Czy wiesz, co na śniadanie jadają amerykanie? Zaskocz egzaminatora swoją wiedzą! Wejdź na wpis amerykańskie śniadanie.

How often do you eat fast food? When? Why?

I eat fast food at least twice a week. Every Friday my friends and I meet up to play video games and we usually get some kind of fast food. I like McDonald’s the most – especially their BigMacs. If you’ve never had one, you should definitely try it!

What’s the worst restaurant you’ve ever been to?

The worst restaurant I’ve ever been to was a restaurant with Polish cuisine. Everything was extremely greasy. I think the tastiest thing that they served was the salad – dressing on the side!

Do you enjoy cooking?

I love cooking. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I like making sweet and savory dishes. My parents think that I’m going to become a cook one day, but I want to be a pilot. I can always cook for my family in my spare time!

What kind of food couldn’t you live without? Why?

I don’t think I could live without chocolate. I eat chocolate almost every day – I love the taste of it. I also like chocolate desserts. Did you know that you can also make savory dishes and add chocolate to them?

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: zakupy

Where do you usually go shopping?

I usually shop at malls. I like the fact that everything is in one place and you don’t have to drive around town.

Do you buy products on the Internet? What do you buy?

I buy a lot of things on the Internet – especially clothes and books! I browse through Zalando almost every single day. I also like reading, so I buy a lot of books. I’ve recently decided that I have to be more eco-friendly and I’ve started buying ebooks instead of paper books. It’s not much cheaper but at least I’m helping the environment.

Do you like shopping?

I hate shopping. If I have to buy new clothes I buy them online. If they don’t fit you can always return them. My parents do the grocery shopping so I don’t have to worry about that! Besides, I can always order groceries online too!

How often do you buy clothing?

I buy clothing at least once a month. I have a lot of clothes but I always have the feeling that I don’t have anything to wear.

What do you think the future of online shopping is?

I think more and more people will shp online. It’s faster and sometimes also cheaper. Besides, if you don’t like something you ordered, you can always send it back.

What would you like to get for your birthday or name day? Why?

For my birthday I would like to get a car. I’ve always wanted my own car. I’d like to be independent and be able to travel around the country, visiting interesting places.

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: podróżowanie i turystyka

What interesting places have you visited recently?

I recently went to Cracow and walked around the old town. It’s really beautiful! I really like the architecture there. I think I might even decide to move to Cracow for a while. I liked it so much!

Where would you like to go during summer vacation?

This summer I would like to travel somewhere exotic. Maybe I’ll go to Cuba or Chile. I want to go to a Spanish speaking country to brush up on my Spanish.

Do you like traveling?

I love traveling. If I could, I would travel all the time. I’d like to have my own travel blog and go around the world taking pictures and getting paid for it! That’s my biggest dream.

What place would you like to visit the most?

I’d like to go to Alaska the most. I want to see what it’s like to live so far up north. I’d also like to see a polar bear!

Would you like to go on a Safari?

I would love to go on a Safari! I think it’s an unusual experience to see all of these exotic animals in the wild. Maybe one day, I’ll get the chance to go.

Where was your last trip to?

My last trip was to Greece. I spent two weeks there on the beach. I swam in the ocean and ate figs straight from the tree! What an amazing experience!

What is there to see in your city?

In my city, you can walk around the old town. You can visit old churches or go to a museum. I haven’t really been sightseeing in my own city!

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: kultura

What is your favorite movie? Why?

My favorite movie of all time is The Witcher. It’s not actually a movie, it’s a TV series. It’s really amazing! You would have to see it!

What is your favorite book? Why?

My favorite book is “Winnie the Pooh”. When I was a little child, I used to read it with my mom. She would make different voices for each character. She wasn’t very good at this so it was very funny. That’s why whenever I read “Winnie the Pooh” those moments immediately come to mind.

Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the movies? Why?

I prefer watching movies at home. I don’t really like going to the movies – mostly because it’s so expensive! Also, I love snacking on something while watching a movie. If I were to buy all of the snacks that I want, I would surely go bankrupt!

Jak używać słowo prefer

Słowo prefer możemy używać na trzy sposoby:

prefer + czasownik z ing

I prefer watching movies at home.

prefer + to + czasownik w bezokoliczniku

I prefer to watch movies at home.

prefer + rzeczownik + to + rzeczownik

I prefer TV series to movies.

What do you usually watch on TV?

I usually watch American TV series. I love Grey’s Anatomy, The Modern Family and Friends. I’m constantly looking for new series to watch!

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Music is my life! I literally cannot live without music! I mostly listen to electronic music and grunge. I know that those are two very different types of genres but they sound amazing when combined!

Do you enjoy reading books?

I don’t really like reading – I prefer to watch movies. I think that you can learn just as much from watching movies as from reading books. I know that there are a lot of books that haven’t been made into movies but they should be!

Which famous person would you like to meet and why?

I would like to meet President Trump. I think he’s a very interesting person and I would like to talk to him. I’d ask him about his hair! It’s so funny!

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: sport

What sports do you like doing?

I like playing basketball and volleyball the most. I used to play soccer but now I think it’s boring. I like to try out new things.

Is it important for you to stay fit?

Yes, it’s very important for me to stay fit. I go to the gym regularly. I also try to eat healthy food and watch my weight. Staying fit takes a lot of work!

What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is swimming. I go to the pool at least three times a week. It’s very good for you! Everyone should swim to stay healthy.

Pytania o sport na maturze ustnej z angielskiego

Poznaj słownictwo związane ze sportem z wpisu sporty po angielsku.

What sports don’t you like doing?

I don’t like playing volleyball. Every time I hit the ball my wrists hurt. I also don’t like soccer. I think it’s for guys. Girls don’t like playing soccer at all!

What sports do you like watching?

I like watching soccer the most. I don’t like going to games at the stadium though. I like listening to the commentator on TV. My dad and I always watch soccer games together. We always root for the Polish team of course!

Are you a supporter of any team? If so, what do you do to support them?

I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t really follow sports and I don’t support any teams. I sometimes go to the school games to watch my boyfriend play volleyball but that’s about it.

What sporting event would you like to win a ticket for and why?

I would really like to win a ticket to the Formula 1 races. I think it’s such an interesting sport. The cars go so fast! I’ve been fascinated with Formula 1 races ever since I was a little boy. It’s always interesting to see how the teams will adjust their cars to the changing regulations.

Would you like to take part in the Olympic Games and why?

I think taking part in the Olympic games is very prestigious and a great honor. If I were talented enough, I would love to participate in the Olympics. Unfortunately, I don’t play any sports.

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: zdrowie

What do you do to stay healthy?

To stay healthy, I exercise every day. I also eat a lot of vegetables. I try not to eat fast food or other harmful things. Do you know the saying “Your body is your temple”? I completely believe that.

What is your diet like?

My diet is very healthy. I eat meat once a week only. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. All of my food is baked – not fried. I add olive oil to everything! I once read that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest and they eat a lot of olive oil there. So that must be the secret to a long and healthy life!

What are you going to do to stay healthy when you’re over 60?

I can’t really imagine being 60! I’m never going to give up on myself. I’m always going to exercise and watch my weight. I’m going to eat healthy foods and watch my diet. I never understood people who harm their bodies by smoking or drinking alcohol.

What bad habits would you like to give up?

I would like to stop biting my nails. I do it all the time! I even bought one of those special liquids you put on your nails that tastes bitter. That didn’t work. I actually liked the taste of it!

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: złe nawyki

Na maturze można spodziewać się tematyki związanej z zachowaniami ludzkimi. Poznaj dobre i złe nawyki po angielsku.

What do you do to reduce stress in your life?

I’m one of those people that don’t really understand what stress is. I’ve always done well at school so I don’t worry about that. My family is great and everyone is very happy. The only thing that stresses me out is the alarm clock in the morning!

What addictions do you know of?

Well, you can be addicted to alcohol for example. People who are addicted to alcohol are called alcoholics. Or you can be addicted to drugs – to be a drug addict. You can also be a smoker and be addicted to cigarettes.

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: technika

What do you usually use your computer for?

I usually play video games and watch movies on my computer. I also use it to do my homework of course.

What modern gadgets do you use every day?

I use a lot of gadgets! I love them! I have a Kindle and an iPad. I wear an Apple watch and have an iPhone. I also have a computer.

What is the most important invention? Why?

I think the most important invention was electricity. Without electricity, we would not have electric cars, computers or even light bulbs! Electricity helped the world develop at a quicker pace.

Which website do you visit most often? Why?

I visit YouTube most often. I enjoy watching videos and you can learn a lot! There’s a channel on YouTube for everything. You can even learn English there!

What imaginary gadget would you like to have?

I’d like to have a robot that does my homework for me. I know that soon that will be possible because of Artificial Intelligence and I can’t wait! Of course, by then I’ll probably need a different robot – one that will go to work for me!

If you had to decide: no mobile or no computer – what option would you choose? Why?

I think I would be able to live without my phone but definitely not without my computer! If I had my computer I would still be able to communicate with my friends on Instagram or Snapchat. You can survive without a phone nowadays if you have another gadget with Internet access.

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: świat przyrody

Do you have a pet? Tell me about your pet.

I have a dog and two cats. My dog’s name is ELLA and my cats are Arni and Adi. All of my pets get along really well. My dog is the sweetest dog in the world! She comes to my room in the morning and gets into bed with me! Isn’t that sweet?

Would you like to have a pet?

I would love to have a pet! Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I live in a very small apartment and we just don’t have room for an animal. Especially that I would really like to have a Golden Retriever. They’re quite big and need a lot of space.

Which natural disaster is the scariest? Why?

I think earthquakes are the scariest. I’ve never experienced an earthquake, but it must be pretty terrifying! The worst thing about earthquakes is you never know when they’re coming and there is no safe place to hide.

What kind of weather do you like the most?

I like sunny and warm weather the most. That’s why when I’m older I plan on living near the equator where it’s warm all year round.

Pytania o pogodę na maturze ustnej z angielskiego

Słownictwo związane z pogodą jest przydatne zarówno na maturze jak i w codziennym życiu. Poznaj terminologię z tej tematyki z artykułu pogoda po angielsku.

What’s your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season is spring. I like the spring because that’s when everything blossoms. I like looking at nature when it’s waking up from its winter sleep.

Would you like to have an exotic pet? Why?

I would not like to have an exotic pet. I think people who have lions or bats as pets are insane. These creatures are not domesticated and they should be in the wild.

Are you afraid of any animals or insects? Why? Why not?

I am afraid of spiders. I think they are disgusting and whenever I see a spider I run away quickly. I don’t know what I would do if I lived alone and saw a spider!

What’s the most exotic animal you’ve ever seen?

I haven’t traveled to any exotic places, so the most exotic animal I’ve seen is a boar. I was once chased by one in the forest. I managed to quickly climb a tree and get away. I was so lucky!

pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego

Pytania do matury ustnej z angielskiego: elementy wiedzy o kulturze anglosaskiej

Who is your favorite British or American film star? Why?

My favorite American movie star is Will Smith. He’s the best! I’ve seen all of his movies and I think he’s a terrific actor.

Would you like to live and work in the USA? Why?

I would love to live and work in the USA one day. I’m fascinated by American culture. I would like to spend some time on the East coast and some time on the West coast. I heard it’s completely different!

Which English-speaking country would you like to visit?

I would like to visit Australia the most. I enjoy listening to the Australian accent and I would like to learn some more Australian English. Unfortunately, I don’t know any books that teach Australian English. Do you?

What American or British traditions surprises you the most?

I think the most surprising American tradition for me was pardoning the turkey. Every year, the American president “pardons” a turkey for Thanksgiving. This means that this specific turkey will spend the rest of his days peacefully on a farm.

Kraje anglojęzyczne

Często na maturze oprócz znajomości języka wymagana jest też pewna wiedza o zwyczajach panujących w krajach anglojęzycznych. Dowiedz się więcej o Stanach Zjednoczonych z wpisu święta w USA.

What American or British traditions do you know of?

I know a lot of British and American traditions. For example, for Easter, there’s an Easter egg hunt. Children look for chocolate eggs around the house.

Would you like to spend Christmas in the USA?

I would love to spend Christmas in the USA! I would like to go to New York and see the Christmas Tree on Rockefeller Square. I would also love to go shopping in a real American mall! I’ve heard the discounts are insane!

Which British/American customs and traditions do you find interesting and why?

I think it’s interesting that Americans leave everyone tips. You tip the busboy in the hotel, you tip the waitress, you even tip the bartender. It’s not like that in Poland. You can leave a tip, but you don’t have to. It is customary to tip waiters and waitresses, but we almost never tip bartenders.

Kurs angielskiego online ELLA

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