Implementing the ELLA platform
in your company

Implementing the ELLA platform in your company is a process, which thanks to our experts, is quick and effortless. The HR department can sleep soundly, as ELLA provides full support during the implementation of the e-learning platform, as well as during the duration of the course.

How to implement the ELLA platform?

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    Needs analysis
    Working with ELLA begins with an analysis of employer needs for language courses. ELLA offers its corporate customers both a General English course as well as a Business English course. In cooperation with ELLA, the client chooses gamification goals that will motivate its employees to learn a given language. Advanced gamification mechanisms in combination with additional incentives guarantee the course to be highly effective.
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    Course usage
    Before implementing the course, the client decides on its details. ELLA is very flexible when cooperating with companies, where either everyone or only some of the employees can have access to the e-learning platform. The client can also choose our branding option and have the company logo implemented on the platform.
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    Platform presentation
    Thanks to an introductory meeting employees are familiarized with the functionalities of the platform. HR specialists are also instructed as to the functioning of the employer panel. ELLA provides additional materials that will help present the platform to the employees.
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    Registration and onboarding
    Registering on the e-learning platform is quick, simple, and does not require any additional effort from HR departments. Employees register on the platform by themselves, and the registration process itself takes no more than five minutes. If you would like registration to be carried out differently - we can surely find a solution. We provide onboarding materials that help corporate employees familiarize themselves with the ELLA e-learning platform. Apart from the additional materials, employees have access to the FAQ website, where they can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions.
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    When first logging into the ELLA e-learning platform, the users will be greeted with a short tutorial, which is a simple and quick overview of how to use the ELLA language platform. The tutorial will be accessible at any time if needed. The tutorial is available in many languages, new languages can be added on demand. Additionally, exercises are equipped with video tutorials on how to complete a given type of exercise.
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    Monitoring and motivating
    HR specialists designated by the company will have constant access to employee activity indexes on the platform. In the Employer Panel, you can check employee progress, the number of completed exercises, test results, and much more. ELLA constantly motivates its users to learn English through gamification mechanisms such as rankings, collecting badges, achieving levels, etc. Moreover, companies can choose a mission that the employees will be able to fulfill by learning on the platform. The more they learn, the closer they will be to the chosen goal.

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Implementing ELLA in your company is completely free.


Integrate the platform with incentive systems that your company already uses.


The immersion method allows all employees to access the platform – without exception.

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