Case study: English classes for corporate clients

The ELLA English language course for business clients is adequate for a variety of industries. Here's how our clients implemented the ELLA e-learning platform.

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ELLA is an online English course for business clients that is known for its diversity and accessibility. It has proven itself in many fields and all types of companies. From small companies that need specialist vocabulary to large international companies that need affordable training for a multitude of employees. ELLA is the solution to all of your problems with language courses.

An international corporation

A Polish corporation with branches abroad wanted to offer its employees a benefit that everyone could take advantage of. Thanks to the unique method of teaching English on the ELLA e-learning platform, the company could implement the e-learning solution both on the Polish market as well as abroad.
Nauka angielskiego w korporacji
integracja kursu angielskiego w firmie

Integrating the online e-learning course for learning English with incentive schemes

A company that possessed a proprietary gamification solution asked ELLA to integrate its internal gamification mechanisms with the existing systems. ELLA created a unique API, allowing the company to integrate these two systems.

Transport industry

A company with multiple locations and a significant number of employees hired based on fee for task agreements, wanted to carry out an English course. However, the high costs associated with teacher-led classes, different learner levels as well as the issue of group formation made arranging a language learning course nearly impossible or too costly to implement.

Implementing the ELLA e-learning platform allowed all of the workers to take part in English classes. Due to the low cost of learning as well as access to all levels of advancement, every employee could participate in the English language course online.
Nauka angielskiego dla pracowników branży transportowej
case study w firmie branży usługowej


A small company that had entered the market not long before, wanted to invest in their employees’ competencies. However, their low training budget didn’t allow for any long-term training to be organized.

Thanks to the low costs of the English language course online, the client could train his employees for many months. ELLA is an economical way of learning English.


An expanding company entering foreign markets needed to improve their employee’s English language skills so that they could effortlessly communicate with the employees in branches abroad. However, the number of stores and their location all over the country meant that the client had to use several language schools. This meant that the quality of the courses varied from city to city and organizing the courses themselves was problematic, to say the least.

Thanks to ELLA, all of the employees could gain access to high-quality materials. Additionally, thanks to choosing online English courses, organizing the course itself as well as carrying it out went seamlessly.
Nauka angielskiego dla pracowników
Branża hotelarska nauka angielskiego dla pracowników

Hospitality sector

A large hotel chain wanted to check their employee’s level of English. A secret shopper went to hotels to check the employee’s language level. However, this did give the expected result, as it was impossible (and too costly) to check all of the employees’ language skills.

Thanks to the ELLA platform, the company could check all of the employees’ level of advancement.

Specialized vocabulary

A small financial company needed a course containing specialized vocabulary items. The scope was beyond what is taught on readily-available courses. The company had a problem in finding a school that would teach this type of vocabulary.

ELLA designed lessons with specialized vocabulary specifically for that company. The lessons involved subject matters chosen by the company itself.
specjalistyczne słownictwo na kursie angielskiego
Handel nauka angielskiego w firmie


A large company with many branches and workers organized language courses for all of their employees. Due to a large number of employees, the company had issues with monitoring the employee’s engagement throughout the course.

Implementing ELLA allowed for continuous monitoring of employee progress in the course. The client had access to detailed reports on user progress.

IT sector

An international IT company wanted to offer its employees the possibility of further developing their language skills. However, a large number of employees worked remotely. Introducing traditional courses would force employees to come into work just for language classes – which was also impossible as the employees were from different parts of Poland. According to the HR department, teacher-led group lessons were less effective than individual lessons – however, the company was not prepared to spend such a significant amount on a language course. All of this made organizing a traditional language course impossible.

The ELLA course thanks to its availability, was the perfect solution for the organizational troubles that the client faces. All of the employees could participate in the course from the comfort of their own home, anywhere in Poland.
Nauka angielskiego w firmie IT

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    Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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