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total immersion program program całkowitego zanurzenia

Total immersion program

Develop all your English language skills. Learn new vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar rules, but most of all learn how to use them in everyday communication and various contexts.
angielski online Spersonalizowany plan nauki języka angielskiego personalized study plan

Personalized study plan

Are being independent and having the possibility to decide about your learning process important to you? At ELLA, you set your own goals. You decide how much time you spend on the exercises and how much you want to learn in a single day. Stay in control of your learning process.
interaktywne nauczanie interactive learning

Interactive learning

ELLA will capture your interest every step of the way. The exercises differ in form – match elements, listen to audio files, find picture descriptions and not only. Immediately check if the completed exercises are correct and, if necessary, correct your mistakes.
ćwiczenia do nauki języka 55 000 exercises

55 000+ exercises

ELLA gives you access to thousands of interactive exercises, which will spark your interest because of their form and subject matter. Designed in accordance with language teaching methodology, they will allow you to memorize and internalize new, useful phrases and structures.
interaktywne narzędzia innovative tools

Innovative gamification tools

Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring. Challenge yourself or compete with other language learners. Earn new badges and ranks by solving engaging and diverse exercises. Gamification will motivate you to learn English.
angielski online Kompleksowy program nauki angielskiego comprehensive program

Comprehensive English language program

Created from scratch, this comprehensive English language learning program allows you to develop your skills at various levels of proficiency. Each level includes hundreds of exercises and audio files that will allow you to learn new words, grammatical structures, or idioms quickly and in a non-standard way.
raporty postępów nauki angielskiego progress reports

Progress reports

Make use of progress reports and monitor your skills. Keep an eye on how much time you dedicated to learning and how many exercises you completed. Modify your daily goal depending on the statistics and adjust your activity on ELLA.
nielimitowany dostęp unlimited access

Unlimited access 24/7

Are you constantly on the run and don’t have time for traditional language learning methods? Are you too busy for face-to-face English language learning courses? ELLA gives you unlimited access to interactive exercises available on all of your devices. Monitor your achievements, learn new skills and reach new levels, whenever you want!

Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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