The most commonly asked questions concerning the ELLA online e-learning English course.


Can beginners also learn on the platform?

Yes, everyone can learn on the platform because ELLA offers courses on levels A1-C2 (from beginners to advanced language users).

Are there any usage limits depending on the price?

Employees gain unlimited access to the ELLA e-learning platform for learning English.

Can I change the level on the platform?

Yes. At any time, the employee can change their level on the platform if they decide that the course is too difficult or too easy. The in-built placement test will aid in choosing an adequate level for language learning.

Why does the business course begin with level B1?

We can begin introducing business vocabulary at the B1 level. Lower levels learn on the General English course, which also has business vocabulary elements, adjusted to the user's level (e.g. introducing yourself, giving personal data, spelling, simple telephone conversations).

What does learning on the ELLA e-learning platform look like?

ELLA is a proprietary platform based on years of experience of language learning specialists. Courses on the e-learning platform consist of self-study materials that involve individual work, adjusted to the employee's pace of learning. That's why ELLA is based on exercises that were specially designed by language learning experts. The platform is supported by motivational systems, which help stimulate employee motivation for learning.
  • various exercises
  • hundreds of hours of recordings
  • multimedia activities
  • language games
  • quizzes
  • in-built dictionary
  • immediate feedback

How do we measure user progress?

ELLA gives chosen HR department representatives access to the employer panel, where activity statistics can be retrieved. It allows gaining information about the time spent learning, test, results, accuracy, and even user engagement.

What is the engagement rate on the platform?

Thanks to gamification, the ELLA platform has unusually high learner engagement rates. Additionally, in cooperation with HR departments, we develop strategies for additional motivational elements for employees - prizes for the most active users, charity fundraisers, and goal-oriented collections. The most active users can spend over 10 hours a week on the platform.

Can I expect from employees that they fill out a set number of lessons per week?

As specialists in language learning, we do not recommend the "stick" methods (from the carrot and stick method) - we advise positively motivating employees to learn English by additional activities and prizes.

There are several difficulties with imposing a program for employees - and they are not technical. First of all, not all lessons are the same. Lessons on a higher level very often demand more focus and work than lessons on a lower advancement level. Secondly, remember that everyone learns at a different pace. The elderly or people who have never had contact with a foreign language will most likely learn at a slower pace. By incorporating the ELLA e-learning platform into our corporate structures, we eliminate those variations, because everyone can learn at their own pace and can repeat the material as many times as necessary to fully comprehend it. That is why we do not recommend setting hard targets for employees.

Is there a Business English course available on the platform?

Yes, on the ELLA platform there is an extensive Business English course.

Do you also provide SCORM courses?

If you already have an e-learning platform, we will gladly speak about how we can integrate ELLA into your solution. Please contact us.

What will happen if a user uses the package up?

You can't "use the package up". By signing the B2B agreement, the user receives limited access based on time, not quantity.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us!

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    Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

    Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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