Advanced methods of teaching English used on the ELLA e-learning platform

How do we teach English on the ELLA e-learning platform?

The ELLA platform consists of carefully designed materials for learning English, which incorporate the newest and most effective developments in the field of language learning.


Microlearning is an extremely effective way to learn a foreign language by corporate clients. Microlearning is a method of presenting knowledge by dividing it up into small, easy to remember chunks. Compact portions of knowledge can be acquired much more quickly and effectively, which in turn increases the retention rates. In combination with gamification, microlearning gives unusually satisfying effects.


Quizzes on the ELLA e-learning platform allow users to identify areas, with which they have issues and are worth focusing on. In case of the corporate offer, the HR department can utilize the employer panel to analyze employee progress in learning.

Spaced repetition

Effective learning occurs when we repeat the material that we are learning a satisfactory amount of times. Systematic repetition is vital to eliminate the negative effects of the forgetting curve, where after merely an hour we forget over 50% of the material that we had learned. Exercises designed to facilitate repetition on the ELLA e-learning platform in adequate intervals repeat key elements so that the learner does not forget the material at hand.


The key to success when learning English is motivation. Stimulating in users the willingness to learn significantly increases the effectiveness of language learning. Thanks to advanced gamification implemented on the ELLA platform, engagement rates are record-breaking.

General English course

The General English course on the ELLA e-learning platform is a fantastic course for beginners, but not only. The General English course focuses on general vocabulary, useful in everyday communication.

Business English course

The Business English course for companies consists of specialized vocabulary adjusted to business communication. The course incorporates vocabulary from various fields including finances, HR, marketing, negotiations, writing emails.
Angielski online English
Angielski dla firm English for companies


Presenting materials in a way, which will arouse the employee’s interest will without doubt positively influence learning engagement rates. Keeping motivation high during a prolonged period can be extremely difficult, especially in the long-term when learning a foreign language. This is where gamification comes in, whose goal is to adequately arouse employee motivation and maintain that motivation on a high level during a significant period. Gamification incorporated on the ELLA e-learning platform is adjusted to various personality types and learning styles and motives.

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    Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

    Courses in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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