verb (czasownik)
infinitiveto be
past tensewas, were
past participlebeen
present participlebeing
  1. być kimś, czuć się ważnym

Przykładowe użycie słowa be


She was so sad to hear about your mother’s death. They were close friends in high school.

Are you being rude on purpose?

It’s surprising how many people are homeless these days. Who would have thought that in the XIX century such a problem would still exist — especially in well-developed countries.

Are you for or against?

They are about to embark on a very dangerous mission. Let’s hope that all goes well.

Odmiana słowa be


Present simple

I am a doctor — I help sick people get better.

He is a firefighter. He puts out fires and rescues cats from trees.

You are a kind and generous person. Those are the reasons why I want to marry you.

I think I’m addicted to learning English. It’s really all I think about every single second of the day.

Present continuous
Iam beingWeare being
Youare beingYouare being
He/She/Itis beingTheyare being

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. The terms of the agreement are favorable for both sides. I don’t see what your problem is.

You’re being such a brat right now! Start acting your age!

Adam is being sued by his neighbors. Apparently, he destroyed their brand new swing set a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t do it intentionally, but it also wasn’t the first time he had damaged their property.

Present perfect
Ihave beenWehave been
Youhave beenYouhave been
He/She/Ithas beenTheyhave been

We have been friends for over 20 years.

You have been a loyal and trustworthy worker. You will be missed.

Where have you been all these years? We thought someone kidnapped you!

Present perfect continuous
Ihave been beingWehave been being
Youhave been beingYouhave been being
He/She/Ithas been beingTheyhave been being

He has been being such a brat lately. His behavior is unacceptable.

Past simple

It was a long night. Get some rest.

They were cold and scared. Help was going to arrive soon but they didn’t know exactly when.

When we came back home it turned out that there was no electricity or hot water. We had just come back from Hong Kong on a 16-hour flight and were exhausted. We decided to rent a hotel room for the night, because all we wanted to do was take a hot shower and go to sleep!

Past continuous
Iwas beingWewere being
Youwere beingYouwere being
He/She/Itwas beingTheywere being

I think he was just being nice to you. He’s not romantically interested in you, he just wanted to invite you for a coffee, to talk. You know, as friends — nothing more.

I remember that at the time they were being sued for defamation. They managed to settle before the case went to court.

Past perfect
Ihad beenWehad been
Youhad beenYouhad been
He/She/Ithad beenTheyhad been
Past perfect continuous
Ihad been beingWehad been being
Youhad been beingYouhad been being
He/She/Ithad been beingTheyhad been being
Future simple
Iwill beWewill be
Youwill beYouwill be
He/She/Itwill beTheywill be
Future continuous
Iwill be beingWewill be being
Youwill be beingYouwill be being
He/She/Itwill be beingTheywill be being
Future perfect
Iwill have beenWewill have been
Youwill have beenYouwill have been
He/She/Itwill have beenTheywill have been
Future perfect continuous
Iwill have been beingWewill have been being
Youwill have been beingYouwill have been being
He/She/Itwill have been beingTheywill have been being

Conditional tenses


Present conditional: affirmative
Iwould beWewould be
Youwould beYouwould be
He/She/Itwould beTheywould be
Present conditional: negative
Iwould not beWewould not be
Youwould not beYouwould not be
He/She/Itwould not beTheywould not be
Present conditional: interrogative
IWould I be…?WeWould we be…?
YouWould you be…?YouWould you be…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it be…?TheyWould they be…?
Present continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould be beingWewould be being
Youwould be beingYouwould be being
He/She/Itwould be beingTheywould be being
Present continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not be beingWewould not be being
Youwould not be beingYouwould not be being
He/She/Itwould not be beingTheywould not be being
Present continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I be being…?WeWould we be being…?
YouWould you be being…?YouWould you be being…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it be being…?TheyWould they be being…?
Perfect conditional: affirmative
Iwould have beenWewould have been
Youwould have beenYouwould have been
He/She/Itwould have beenTheywould have been
Perfect conditional: negative
Iwould not have beenWewould not have been
Youwould not have beenYouwould not have been
He/She/Itwould not have beenTheywould not have been
Perfect conditional: interrogative
IWould I have been…?WeWould we have been…?
YouWould you have been…?YouWould you have been…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have been…?TheyWould they have been…?
Perfect continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould have been beingWewould have been being
Youwould have been beingYouwould have been being
He/She/Itwould have been beingTheywould have been being
Perfect continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not have been beingWewould not have been being
Youwould not have been beingYouwould not have been being
He/She/Itwould not have been beingTheywould not have been being
Perfect continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I have been being…?WeWould we have been being…?
YouWould you have been being…?YouWould you have been being…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have been being…?TheyWould they have been being…?

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