verb (czasownik)
infinitiveto believe
past tensebelieved
past participlebelieved
present participlebelieving
  1. wierzyć, uwierzyć

Przykładowe użycie słowa believe


Adam doesn’t believe in ghosts — he never has. He’s always been very pragmatic.

Do you really think I believe you? After all the lies and deceit?

It’s hard to believe but it’s true. His mother, a very well-known writer, decided to leave her family and start another one just because she was bored with her life.

Idiomy ze słowem believe


I don’t believe we’ve met.

I can hardly believe my own eyes.

I can’t believe this!

Did you play make believe when you were little?

Odmiana słowa believe


Present simple

She believes him, even though he’s lied to her before.

We believe this is the best course of action.

I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities.

Present continuous
Iam believingWeare believing
Youare believingYouare believing
He/She/Itis believingTheyare believing
Present perfect
Ihave believedWehave believed
Youhave believedYouhave believed
He/She/Ithas believedTheyhave believed

For generations people have believed that taking vitamin C will help alleviate flu symptoms. The fact is, there is no medical research supporting that thesis.

Present perfect continuous
Ihave been believingWehave been believing
Youhave been believingYouhave been believing
He/She/Ithas been believingTheyhave been believing
Past simple

I never believed they would get married. I always knew they would split up eventually — just as soon as he noticed what a horrible person she really was.

Past continuous
Iwas believingWewere believing
Youwere believingYouwere believing
He/She/Itwas believingTheywere believing
Past perfect
Ihad believedWehad believed
Youhad believedYouhad believed
He/She/Ithad believedTheyhad believed
Past perfect continuous
Ihad been believingWehad been believing
Youhad been believingYouhad been believing
He/She/Ithad been believingTheyhad been believing
Future simple
Iwill believeWewill believe
Youwill believeYouwill believe
He/She/Itwill believeTheywill believe

When push comes to shove, who will you believe? Think about it carefully.

Future continuous
Iwill be believingWewill be believing
Youwill be believingYouwill be believing
He/She/Itwill be believingTheywill be believing
Future perfect
Iwill have believedWewill have believed
Youwill have believedYouwill have believed
He/She/Itwill have believedTheywill have believed
Future perfect continuous
Iwill have been believingWewill have been believing
Youwill have been believingYouwill have been believing
He/She/Itwill have been believingTheywill have been believing

Conditional tenses


Present conditional: affirmative
Iwould believeWewould believe
Youwould believeYouwould believe
He/She/Itwould believeTheywould believe
Present conditional: negative
Iwould not believeWewould not believe
Youwould not believeYouwould not believe
He/She/Itwould not believeTheywould not believe

I would not believe her if I were you. She tends to exaggerate.

Present conditional: interrogative
IWould I believe…?WeWould we believe…?
YouWould you believe…?YouWould you believe…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it believe…?TheyWould they believe…?

Would you believe me if I told you that the world was going to end in 2030?

Present continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould be believingWewould be believing
Youwould be believingYouwould be believing
He/She/Itwould be believingTheywould be believing
Present continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not be believingWewould not be believing
Youwould not be believingYouwould not be believing
He/She/Itwould not be believingTheywould not be believing
Present continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I be believing…?WeWould we be believing…?
YouWould you be believing…?YouWould you be believing…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it be believing…?TheyWould they be believing…?
Perfect conditional: affirmative
Iwould have believedWewould have believed
Youwould have believedYouwould have believed
He/She/Itwould have believedTheywould have believed

I would have believed their story if he hadn’t told me that it was bogus.

Perfect conditional: negative
Iwould not have believedWewould not have believed
Youwould not have believedYouwould not have believed
He/She/Itwould not have believedTheywould not have believed
Perfect conditional: interrogative
IWould I have believed…?WeWould we have believed…?
YouWould you have believed…?YouWould you have believed…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have believed…?TheyWould they have believed…?
Perfect continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould have been believingWewould have been believing
Youwould have been believingYouwould have been believing
He/She/Itwould have been believingTheywould have been believing
Perfect continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not have been believingWewould not have been believing
Youwould not have been believingYouwould not have been believing
He/She/Itwould not have been believingTheywould not have been believing
Perfect continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I have been believing…?WeWould we have been believing…?
YouWould you have been believing…?YouWould you have been believing…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have been believing…?TheyWould they have been believing…?

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