verb (czasownik)
infinitiveto find
past tensefound
past participlefound
present participlefinding
  1. znajdować, odkrywać

Idiomy ze słowem find


He never used to go to church, but now he does there all the time. He says he’s found God.

Love will find a way.

He was found guilty of murder.

Odmiana słowa find


Present simple
Present continuous
Iam findingWeare finding
Youare findingYouare finding
He/She/Itis findingTheyare finding

I’m finding it hard to believe that his business will work.

Present perfect
Ihave foundWehave found
Youhave foundYouhave found
He/She/Ithas foundTheyhave found

They’ve found the murder weapon, now all they need to do is dust it for fingerprints and run those fingerprints through the database. They’re sure they’ll get a hit.

Present perfect continuous
Ihave been findingWehave been finding
Youhave been findingYouhave been finding
He/She/Ithas been findingTheyhave been finding

She has been finding cigarette buds in the garden. She suspects one of her sons has started smoking, but she has no idea which one of the three would be so stupid to do so.

Past simple

I found this in your jacket pocket. Why did you rent a room at the Hilton hotel last week? Are you having an affair?

Past continuous
Iwas findingWewere finding
Youwere findingYouwere finding
He/She/Itwas findingTheywere finding
Past perfect
Ihad foundWehad found
Youhad foundYouhad found
He/She/Ithad foundTheyhad found
Past perfect continuous
Ihad been findingWehad been finding
Youhad been findingYouhad been finding
He/She/Ithad been findingTheyhad been finding
Future simple
Iwill findWewill find
Youwill findYouwill find
He/She/Itwill findTheywill find
Future continuous
Iwill be findingWewill be finding
Youwill be findingYouwill be finding
He/She/Itwill be findingTheywill be finding
Future perfect
Iwill have foundWewill have found
Youwill have foundYouwill have found
He/She/Itwill have foundTheywill have found
Future perfect continuous
Iwill have been findingWewill have been finding
Youwill have been findingYouwill have been finding
He/She/Itwill have been findingTheywill have been finding

Conditional tenses


Present conditional: affirmative
Iwould findWewould find
Youwould findYouwould find
He/She/Itwould findTheywould find
Present conditional: negative
Iwould not findWewould not find
Youwould not findYouwould not find
He/She/Itwould not findTheywould not find
Present conditional: interrogative
IWould I find…?WeWould we find…?
YouWould you find…?YouWould you find…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it find…?TheyWould they find…?
Present continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould be findingWewould be finding
Youwould be findingYouwould be finding
He/She/Itwould be findingTheywould be finding
Present continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not be findingWewould not be finding
Youwould not be findingYouwould not be finding
He/She/Itwould not be findingTheywould not be finding
Present continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I be finding…?WeWould we be finding…?
YouWould you be finding…?YouWould you be finding…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it be finding…?TheyWould they be finding…?
Perfect conditional: affirmative
Iwould have foundWewould have found
Youwould have foundYouwould have found
He/She/Itwould have foundTheywould have found
Perfect conditional: negative
Iwould not have foundWewould not have found
Youwould not have foundYouwould not have found
He/She/Itwould not have foundTheywould not have found
Perfect conditional: interrogative
IWould I have found…?WeWould we have found…?
YouWould you have found…?YouWould you have found…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have found…?TheyWould they have found…?
Perfect continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould have been findingWewould have been finding
Youwould have been findingYouwould have been finding
He/She/Itwould have been findingTheywould have been finding
Perfect continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not have been findingWewould not have been finding
Youwould not have been findingYouwould not have been finding
He/She/Itwould not have been findingTheywould not have been finding
Perfect continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I have been finding…?WeWould we have been finding…?
YouWould you have been finding…?YouWould you have been finding…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have been finding…?TheyWould they have been finding…?

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