verb (czasownik)
infinitiveto fall
past tensefell
past participlefallen
present participlefalling
  1. spadać, upadać

Odmiana słowa fall


Present simple
Present continuous
Iam fallingWeare falling
Youare fallingYouare falling
He/She/Itis fallingTheyare falling
Present perfect
Ihave fallenWehave fallen
Youhave fallenYouhave fallen
He/She/Ithas fallenTheyhave fallen
Present perfect continuous
Ihave been fallingWehave been falling
Youhave been fallingYouhave been falling
He/She/Ithas been fallingTheyhave been falling
Past simple

Adam fell in love with his wife as soon as they had met. At first, she wasn’t interested in him at all. She kept putting off meetings, canceling even, she never seemed to have any time for him. It all changed when her parents died. She needed someone close and that’s when Adam got his chance and made her fall in love with him too!

Past continuous
Iwas fallingWewere falling
Youwere fallingYouwere falling
He/She/Itwas fallingTheywere falling

She dreamt that she was falling into a deep pit. She tries to grab one of the branches sticking out of the walls but she couldn’t reach them. When she finally woke up from that nightmare it turned out that there was an earthquake while she was sleeping and her bed had moved from one side of the room to the other.

Past perfect
Ihad fallenWehad fallen
Youhad fallenYouhad fallen
He/She/Ithad fallenTheyhad fallen

She had fallen asleep on the sofa and hadn’t heard the call come in.

Past perfect continuous
Ihad been fallingWehad been falling
Youhad been fallingYouhad been falling
He/She/Ithad been fallingTheyhad been falling

He had been falling for her for quite a while now. Can you believe that she had no idea?

Future simple
Iwill fallWewill fall
Youwill fallYouwill fall
He/She/Itwill fallTheywill fall

Watch out or you’ll fall!

Future continuous
Iwill be fallingWewill be falling
Youwill be fallingYouwill be falling
He/She/Itwill be fallingTheywill be falling
Future perfect
Iwill have fallenWewill have fallen
Youwill have fallenYouwill have fallen
He/She/Itwill have fallenTheywill have fallen
Future perfect continuous
Iwill have been fallingWewill have been falling
Youwill have been fallingYouwill have been falling
He/She/Itwill have been fallingTheywill have been falling

Conditional tenses


Present conditional: affirmative
Iwould fallWewould fall
Youwould fallYouwould fall
He/She/Itwould fallTheywould fall
Present conditional: negative
Iwould not fallWewould not fall
Youwould not fallYouwould not fall
He/She/Itwould not fallTheywould not fall
Present conditional: interrogative
IWould I fall…?WeWould we fall…?
YouWould you fall…?YouWould you fall…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it fall…?TheyWould they fall…?
Present continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould be fallingWewould be falling
Youwould be fallingYouwould be falling
He/She/Itwould be fallingTheywould be falling
Present continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not be fallingWewould not be falling
Youwould not be fallingYouwould not be falling
He/She/Itwould not be fallingTheywould not be falling
Present continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I be falling…?WeWould we be falling…?
YouWould you be falling…?YouWould you be falling…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it be falling…?TheyWould they be falling…?
Perfect conditional: affirmative
Iwould have fallenWewould have fallen
Youwould have fallenYouwould have fallen
He/She/Itwould have fallenTheywould have fallen

You would have fallen if I hadn’t caught you!

Perfect conditional: negative
Iwould not have fallenWewould not have fallen
Youwould not have fallenYouwould not have fallen
He/She/Itwould not have fallenTheywould not have fallen

They would not have fallen in love if they hadn’t gone on that weekend getaway together.

Perfect conditional: interrogative
IWould I have fallen…?WeWould we have fallen…?
YouWould you have fallen…?YouWould you have fallen…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have fallen…?TheyWould they have fallen…?

Would you have fallen in love with me if I were bald?

Perfect continuous conditional: affirmative
Iwould have been fallingWewould have been falling
Youwould have been fallingYouwould have been falling
He/She/Itwould have been fallingTheywould have been falling
Perfect continuous conditional: negative
Iwould not have been fallingWewould not have been falling
Youwould not have been fallingYouwould not have been falling
He/She/Itwould not have been fallingTheywould not have been falling
Perfect continuous conditional: interrogative
IWould I have been falling…?WeWould we have been falling…?
YouWould you have been falling…?YouWould you have been falling…?
He/She/ItWould he/she/it have been falling…?TheyWould they have been falling…?

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