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I'm Excited

10 Ways to Say “I’m Excited”

10 ways to say “I’m excited”

Do you know what to say when you get excited? What phrases would a native English speaker use to show their excitement? Here are 10 ways to express your excitement in English, so that you can sound more natural!

I'm Excited

1️⃣ I’m excited 🚀

The phrase “I’m excited” is a simple way to express joy and anticipation. It can be used in both formal and informal situations.

I’m excited to visit the amusement park this weekend!
I’m excited to try the new restaurant tonight!
I’m excited about the movie release tomorrow!

2️⃣ I’m thrilled 😃

Use the phrase “I’m thrilled” for moments of great joy or delight. This slightly more formal phrase can be used in both personal and professional contexts.

I’m thrilled to start my new job next week!
I’m thrilled to meet my favorite author at the book signing!
I’m thrilled to attend my friend’s wedding!

3️⃣ I can’t wait 🕒

When you “can’t wait” for something, you’re eagerly anticipating something. This phrase is informal and often used in casual conversations.

I can’t wait to see my friends at the party!
I can’t wait to go on vacation next month!
I can’t wait for the weekend to relax and unwind!

4️⃣ I’m looking forward to it 🌅

If you’re “looking forward” to something, you’re excited about something that will be happening in the future. This phrase is more formal but you can use it in various settings.

I’m looking forward to our vacation next month.
I’m looking forward to the family reunion.
I’m looking forward to seeing the concert tonight.

5️⃣ I’m pumped 💪

The phrase “I’m pumped” shows you’re full of energy and ready to do something, often something active or challenging. It’s informal and great for casual settings.

I’m pumped for the marathon this weekend!
I’m pumped for my workout session!
I’m pumped to go hiking with my friends!

6️⃣ I’m buzzing 🐝

The phrase “I’m buzzing” shows you’re excited and have a lot of energy. It’s a very informal phrase.

I’m buzzing with excitement to see my favorite band in concert!
I’m buzzing to start my new project at work!
I’m buzzing to try out the new video game!

7️⃣ I’m stoked 🔥

You use the phrase “I’m stoked” when you’re feeling intensely excited. This is a very informal phrase as well.

I’m stoked to go skiing this winter!
I’m stoked to see the new movie tonight!
I’m stoked about my upcoming vacation!

8️⃣ I’m eager 🐕

When you’re eager to do something, you’re ready and willing to do something or to start something. This phrase works well in both informal and formal contexts.

I’m eager to start my new project at work.
I’m eager to try the new dish at the restaurant.
I’m eager to learn more about the new topic.

9️⃣ I’m jazzed 🎷

If you use the phrase “I’m jazzed” you’re showing a lively and spirited feeling of excitement. This is an informal phrase, often used in casual conversations.

I’m jazzed to go to the music festival!
I’m jazzed to start my painting class!
I’m jazzed for the weekend getaway!

🔟 I’m psyched 🧠

If you say the phrase “I’m psyched” you’re showing that your mind is full of excitement. This phrase is informal and common in everyday speech.

I’m psyched to attend the big game this weekend!
I’m psyched for the new season of my favorite show!
I’m psyched to catch up with an old friend!

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