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make a doctor's appointment

Making a doctor’s appointment in English

Introduction on how to make a doctor’s appointment

Making sense of a medical appointment can be a challenge, especially for those who are learning English as a second language. The ability to express oneself clearly and understand what the doctor is saying is crucial. This guide will introduce some key English phrases that are commonly used during medical appointments, making your healthcare experiences smoother and more effective.

How to make a doctor’s appointment

Before you see the doctor, you will need to make an appointment. Your appointment might be just a routine check-up but you still have to call to schedule it. Here are some phrases that can help:

I would like to schedule a doctor’s appointment.
Is there any availability this week?
Can I make an appointment with Dr. Smith?

doctor's office

At the doctor’s office

Once you arrive at the doctor’s office for your appointment, it’s important to check in with the nurse or receptionist to let them know you have arrived.

I’m here for my appointment with Dr. Smith.
I have an appointment at 2 p.m.
Could you please point me to the waiting area?
My name is Andy and I have an appointment for a routine check-up.

The receptionist might also ask you for some basic information like your name, date of birth, contact details or insurance.

May I have your full name?
Can you please confirm your contact details?
Could you please fill out this form with your medical history?

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make a doctor's appointment

Describing your symptoms

After you make a doctor’s appointment, you need to be able to express yourself during the appointment. When the doctor asks why you are there, you can use these phrases to describe what you are feeling:

I’ve been feeling really tired lately.
I have a persistent cough.
I’ve been having headaches for the past week.

You can find more information on medical symptoms HERE.

Understanding the doctor’s questions

Doctors may ask about your medical history or current symptoms. Understanding these questions can help you provide the right information:

Are you currently taking any medication?
Do you have any allergies?
When did your symptoms start?

make a doctor's appointment

Asking questions

Asking questions is key to understanding your health situation and what steps you need to take. Here are some phrases you could use:

Could you please explain that in simpler terms?
What are the side effects of this medication?
What should I do if the symptoms continue?
How long should I take this for?
Is this absolutely necessary?

Ending the doctor’s appointment

Once the check-up is complete, these phrases could help you finish the appointment:

When should I come for a follow-up?
Where can I get this prescription filled?
Thank you for your time.

Knowing the basic phrases will make your medical appointments go smoothly! To further enhance your understanding, consider exploring our article on medical TV shows, which can help you improve your language skills while you enjoy watching.

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